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My passion is making images.

I collaborate with my clients to create business strategies as well as print and digital media which best represent their brand, and I work with them to strategize the most effective way to maximize the impact of what we produce.


Seeing the whole while attending to the details.

Developing the brand image of a company, product, or individual, and creating designs employing my expertise in typography, color, and composition require envisioning the final outcome, while meticulously paying attention to every detail.


Living life beyond work.

My life and work are intertwined, as my studio is behind my house in the bustling city of Los Angeles. This lifestyle has allowed me to spend a lot of time with my family while maintaining my passion for making images and going to cultural events. I regularly participate in CrossFit and long distance cycling, as well as reading, photography, and sketching; and I am always in search of a well-brewed espresso. 


I’ve worked with some cool people.

Random House  •  Chronicle Books  •  Wiley  •  Graywolf Press  •  Countryman Press  •  Universal Music Group  •  J. Paul Getty Museum of Art  •  The Museum of Contemporary Art  •  Los Angeles County Museum of Art  •  The Armand Hammer Museum of Art  •  Glencoe/McGraw-Hill  •  Edelman Public Relations

“Not only is your work superb, but you are always a pleasure to work with!”

—Maggie Walsh, Wiley

“Steve is highly creative and he produces innovative and intelligent solutions while staying focused on my business needs.”

—Nathan Gardels, New Perspectives Quarterly




(323) 309-9060



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