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Project 01

NPQ, Spring 1995


BACK STORY: This is the era when the Internet was beginning to push into the domain of the mainstream media. It was now becoming possible to find your own news and not rely on the menu presented to you by the media class. At the core of this access was fiberoptics. “Revolt Against the Media Class” was a way of saying the individual was becoming empowered to make their own choices about what media content they will access.

This was NPQ’s first 4-color cover, and it would be another several years before it would be the norm. I purchased a beautiful image of fiber optic cables against a black background and decided to manipulate the type to feel like it was revolting. I took Franklin Gothic and literally chopped it up and manipulated it to feel disruptive, much like a revolution feels. I ended up finishing the design of the entire font and used it on a few other projects over the years.

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