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Project 01

NPQ, Winter 1999


BACK STORY: In the post-Cold War world, much of Asia had begun adopting American-style capitalism, but then the market in Asia collapsed. Now the world began to question the “Washington consensus” of unfettered free trade in one global economic system, and in its place there were calls for a more sustainable globalization with several economic models. This was a time of  “De-globalization.”

So many NPQ overs required for me to represent the world in some way, and I didn’t think it was effective, interesting, or aesthetic to use an image of a globe every time. De-globalization means an unraveling of the globe, so I photographed a ball of string loosened and coming apart. The inset picture shows the ball of string taut, before it unraveled. The dotted lines and arrow helped to illustrate movement out.

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